Legislative Technical Assistance

To date, only about 45 countries have disability-specific laws, and many of these reflect a social welfare approach to disability that requires revision. We wish to empower the development of ground-breaking national legislation and policies that embody the intent of the CRPD.

Legislation should support the development of an equitable society in which people with disabilities can fully participate and have autonomy as equal rights holders.

Our approach is to act as “honest brokers” by providing even-handed assessments of existing approaches used by countries (both developed and developing) rather than arguing for any particular model.

Equitable societies can not be developed simply by exporting non-discrimination laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Positive measures designed to overcome discrimination also have a role. We support legislative development that takes a holistic human rights approach to disability and is responsive to the cultural environment and desires of people with disabilities.

HPOD brings an international and comparative perspective to identifying the strengths and weakness of approaches to disability rights. We believe people with disabilities and their organizations should be involved in legislative and policy processes, so that the process is effective, responsive to their needs, and respects their autonomy.

HPOD also provides technical assistance for strategic test case litigation internationally. We support court cases that act as precedents, set human rights standards for people with disabilities, and protect people with disabilities from future human rights abuses.

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