We seek to educate the next generation of leaders on the human rights of people with disabilities, and increase academic and professional capacity in this field both at home and internationally.

We have begun to develop research and internship opportunities for students, both at Harvard and internationally. Harvard Law School offers courses on disability law as well as reading groups through which students meet regularly to consider comparative disability law and policy.

Disability is too often a woefully neglected area of academic inquiry. Through interdisciplinary scholarship, seminars, and conferences we work to nurture disability- related scholarship at Harvard and worldwide. One initiative is an interdisciplinary China Disability seminar series at Harvard to build a community of interested scholars.

We hold conferences at Harvard and abroad, for example in China and South Korea, to disseminate information, motivate research, increase professional capacity and stimulate networking on disability issues. These include worldwide conferences for National Human Rights Institutions.

Many of our conference events, talks and seminars are open to the public. People with disabilities, their organizations, students and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. Please see the News and Events for listings.


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