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Disability Law and Perceptions of Fakery: The Need to Restore Public Trust in Rights

A blog post by Doron Dorfman

Doron Dorfman is the Gerald J. Lieberman Fellow | Lecturer, Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Stanford University; JSD Candidate, Stanford Law School We all frequently encounter disability rights and accommodations created by progressive legislation intended to allow Americans with disabilities to take an active part in…

Human Rights. Yes!

Human Rights. Yes! is a human rights training manual developed for people with disabilities and their representative organizations.

This publication explains the meaning of the rights enshrined in the Convention, provides guidance on self-advocacy tactics, and how to take a human rights approach to disability rights whether at the community or national level. It is an important resource for all individuals or organizations wanting to incorporate a human rights approach to disab…

We Have Human Rights

Our handbook "We Have Human Rights" is an easy to read explanation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Learn what a Convention is, why it is important, understand your human rights, and how to be a self-advocate.

This publication is designed for people with intellectual disabilities, their families, friends, and organizations. It is also useful for children with disabilities, and for any one wanting a straightforward explanation of what the CRPD is and what it says about the human rights of people with disabilities.

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