Employment Resources

Fact Sheets

Australian Employers Network on Disability Have multiple fact sheets including:
Interviewing People with Disability (2007)
Training for People with Disability (2007)

International Labour Organization  AbilityAsiaPacific (ILO AbilityAP)
Have a number of fact sheets including:
Employment and Disabled Persons
Facts on Disability in the World of Work

Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC on Workplace Supports and Job Retention
The Realities of Hiring People with Disabilities Fact Sheet
Assistive Technology as a Workplace Support Fact Sheet
Demystifying Customized Employment for Individuals with Significant Disabilities Fact Sheet


ILO International Labour Organization (ILO) Disability and Work
Have multiple publications including:
EmployAbility: A resource guide on disability for employers in Asia and the Pacific D.A. Perry, editor. 2007

Moving Forward: Toward Decent Work for People with Disabilities: Examples of Good Practices in Vocational Training and Employment from Asia and the Pacific
D.A. Perry, editor. 2003

International Labour Organization AbilityAsiaPacific  (ILO AbilityAP)
Have a similar publication list which includes:

Unlocking Potential: A Multinational Corporation Roundtable on Disability and Employment Asia and the Pacific Proceedings of the Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand 6 July 2005
ILO Bangkok (2005)

Cornell University
Comparative Study of Workplace Policy and Practices Contributing to Disability Nondiscrimination
S. Bruyère , W. Erickson and S. VanLooy (2004)

Academic Publications

Harvard Project on Disability
Beyond Disability Civil Rights, 58 Hastings Law Journal 1203
Michael Ashley Stein and Penelope J. S. Stein (2007)

Disability, Disparate Impact, and Class Actions, 56 Duke Law Journal 861
Michael Ashley Stein and Michael E. Waterstone (2006)

Generalizing Disability, 102 University of Michigan Law Review
Michael Ashley Stein (2004)

Same Struggle, Different Difference: ADA Accommodations as Antidiscrimination, 153 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 579
Michael Ashley Stein (2004)

Under the Empirical Radar: An Initial Expressive Law Analysis of the ADA, 90 University of Virginia Law Review
Michael Ashley Stein (2004)

The Law and Economics of Disability Accommodations, 53 Duke Law Journal
Michael Ashley Stein (2003)


International Organizations:

International Labour Organization (ILO)
ILO AbilityAP
ILO Disability Programme
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Information to Assist Employers:

ILO AbilityAP Employers’ Corner
Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network, United States
Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
JobAccess, Australia
Job Accommodation Network
National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People, India
Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC on Workplace Supports and Job Retention

Employer Organizations:

Australian Employers Network on Disability
Employers Network on Disability, Employers’ Federation of Ceylon

Corporate Social Responsibility

United Nations Global Compact
Employers’ Forum on Disability
Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities

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