Education Resources


DCDD, Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development
All Equal, All Different. Inclusive Education: a DCDD publication about Education for All (2006)

The Alliance for Inclusive Education
Have a number of resources including:
What Disabled People Want- A Guide for Potential Allies
Inclusion Now – A voice for the Inclusion Movement in the UK

United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCO)
Understanding and Responding to Children’s Needs in Inclusive Classrooms. A Guide for Teachers (2004)
Embracing Diversity: Toolkit for Creating Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Environments (2004)


Disability Knowledge and Research (Disability KaR)
Situational Analysis and Assessment of Education for Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh, South Asia, East Asia and South Africa
Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID), Monsur Ahmed Choudhuri, et al. (2005)

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
Inclusive Education and Classroom Practices Summary Report, March 2003

Inter-American Development Bank
Disability and Education: Toward an Inclusive Approach (2001)

United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCO)
Education for All Global Monitoring Report (2008)
Education for All by 2015: Will we make it?

Education for All Global Monitoring Report (2007)
Strong Foundations: Early childhood care and education

Inclusion in Education: The Participation of Disabled Learners
James Lynch (2001)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All: A Framework for the Realization of Children’s Right to Education and Rights within Education (2007)

World Bank
Disability, Poverty and Schooling in Developing Countries: Results from 11 Household Surveys
Deon Filmer (2005)

Education Notes Series:
Education for All: The Cost of Accessibility
By Edward Steinfeld, (2005)

Education for All: A Gender and Disability Perspective
Harilyn Rousso (2003)

Education for All: Building the Schools
Serge Theunynck (2003)

Education for All: Including Children with Disabilities
Susan Peters (2003)

This publication is available in a number of languages.

Inclusive Education: Achieving Education for All by Including those with Disabilities and Special Needs
Susan J. Peters (2003)

This publication is also available in Spanish and French.

Framework and Statement

World Conference on Special Needs Education: Access and Quality
Salamanca Statement (1994)

World Education Forum
Dakar Framework for Action, Education for All: Meeting our Collective Commitments (2000)


Flagship - the Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities

Education for All

United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCO)-Education for All (EFA) International Coordination

Education for All - Fast-track Initiative (FTI)

Inclusive Education

United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UNESCO)-Inclusive Education
Alliance for Inclusive Education
Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education
Disability Equality in Education
Enabling Education Network
European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
Parents for Inclusion
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
World Bank-Education and Disability
World Bank-Inclusive Education, Latin America and the Caribbean Region Studies

Additional Links

Autism Research Institute
Deaf Resource Library
Education International-the voice of education workers worldwide.
Gallaudet University-post-secondary deaf education.
International Society on Early Intervention
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)-Education and Training Statistics Portal
The Professional Development in Autism (PDA) Center
World Bank-Education Statistics (EdStats)

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