Non-Governmental Organizations

Your organization can assist people with disabilities to enjoy their human rights.

  • Make your organization structure and activities inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • Do not discriminate against people with disabilities.
  • Develop policies on the human rights of people with disabilities.
  • Train your members on the human rights of people with disabilities.
  • Respect the autonomy of people with disabilities. Consult with people with disabilities in considering how current and future activities can enable the human rights of people with disabilities nationally, or internationally.
  • Protect people with disabilities. Ensure your organization and your members are not committing human rights violations.
  • Employ people with disabilities.
  • Provide an accessible workplace, facilities, services, technology and information.
  • Ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to your financial services.
  • Partner with people with disabilities and their organizations to aid them with their advocacy. Provide knowledge, connections, financial support, office space, or other resources.
  • Assist the dissemination of good practices your organization develops.

If your organization does not currently include people with disabilities in your work, read our Quick Guide to the Inclusion of People with Disabilities.

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