The Convention as an Inclusive Development Mechanism

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires a paradigm shift in the approach of many development organizations to people with disabilities worldwide.  Development organizations need to consider the needs of people with disabilities and to do so beyond the scope of rehabilitation. The CRPD is a valuable development tool as well as a human rights instrument because it lays out measures to ensure that development policies and programs are inclusive of people with disabilities.

Minimally, organizations will need to ensure that their programs do not prevent States from enabling their citizens with disabilities to claim their human rights. Development policies and programs should not expand social inequities or contribute to the social exclusion experienced by people with disabilities. Development organizations can use the CRPD to catalyze new thinking towards people with disabilities, design inclusive policies and programs, and foster human rights approaches to development that create inclusive societies.

Development and Humanitarian Organizations What You Can Do

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