Global disability rights advocates need to make certain that countries sign and ratify the CRPD. Countries will then have to change their laws, policies, and social attitudes so that people with disabilities can enjoy their human rights.

Governments that sign the Convention are demonstrating their support for the treaty. Ratification requires governments to formally accept the obligations contained in the CRPD.

Governments and organizations of persons with disabilities have been very supportive of the Convention. The CRPD opened for signature on March 30, 2007. That day eighty two countries signed the Convention, a record number!

The CRPD entered into force as international law on May 3,  2008, following ratification by twenty countries. The Convention rapidly became binding international law due to the efforts of disability rights advocates who sought ratification by their countries, and the willingness of their governments to commit to the CRPD.  

Find out if your country has signed or ratified the CRPD.  The United Nations keeps a running tally of countries which have signed or ratified the Convention.  Become part of the international disability human rights movement advocating for ratification.

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