Photography and Credis


The Harvard Project on Disability is deeply grateful to the following photographers and organizations for providing images:

The photographs: "Working with Gratification" by Ms. Lai Yau Wan, "The Warmth of a Teachers Hand" by Mr. Thoi Luu Thuan, and "Perjuangan" by Mr. Arief Arianto are photographs from the regional International Day of Disabled Persons photographic competition sponsored in the region by the ILO, Disabled Peoples' International and Irish Aid. "Father and teacher from Fiji" is from the "Faces of Ability" photo gallery on the AbilityAsiaPacific (AbilityAP) Web site.

Handicap International

Mental Disability Rights International
Photographs taken by Robert Levy were part of an investigation by Mental Disability Rights International at institutions in Podriga and Siret, Romania, in 2005.

Special Olympics

United Nations

World Health Organization (WHO)

The photographs: "Chilling Out" by Maud Vereecke, "Love" by Abir Abullah, "Life" by Kinga Stokolosa & Carsten Klein, "Wheelchair on a Tree" by Morten Bibow, "Colour Dance" by Nathalie Moindrot, "After Polio" by Main Uddin, and "Within Nature" by Serge Corrieras are awarded photographs from the WHO photo contest "Images of Health and Disability 2002." The photographs: "Blind Messaging" by Castaneda, and "Harvest Handicap" by Joiner are awarded photographs from the WHO photo contest "Images of Health and Disability 2005."

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